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The Rewrite
I have been avoiding rewriting this section for a while now. I just didn't feel that what I had written was really about me - the real me, deep down. Honestly, I was going to leave it, until my wife rewrote her About page. She is also an entrepreneur, owner of her own business and it was because of her that I started this business. And it was because of what she wrote on her page that I felt I needed to do the same, because what she wrote was beautiful, and honest, and it showed the wonderful person behind the webpage.

The Resume
I spent over 20 years in the Food Service Industry. Starting at the bottom at 15 years old as a dishwasher, working my way up in the team to line cook. Quickly my talent was realized as I became a Kitchen Manager and spent many years running various styles of kitchen from bar & grills to fine dining and even Executive Chef at a world-renowned lodge. Looking for more challenge I moved into restaurant management, successfully running several corporate restaurants before hanging up my hat. The past several years my roles have been marketing focused and when I was asked to take over my wife's Digital Marketing I dove right in and found myself again in love with an industry I found fascinating and intensely gratifying. 

The Real
Like many people, I have struggled with finding happiness. I did well at the job, had great culinary skills and loved the work, but found people management not my forte ( I don't do conflict well, but the creativity! I rocked that! ). So I plodded through life always wondering how I could possibly make it better but never finding the recipe to my happiness. And then, one morning it all came crashing down. I found myself on my bathroom floor, performing CPR on my son. He died there, I could not save him. 
Everything changed after that. I promised myself, and I promised the memory of my son, that I would find happiness, somehow. It took a long time, and believe me, most of it sucked.
Fast forward 6 years - I met my brilliant, beautiful wife, Stacey. She asked me one day to take over her marketing because I had been dabbling quite a bit and was getting pretty damn good at it. A short time later she asked me a question, "Do you enjoy this marketing thing?" Yes! I said and then, "So....what the heck are you doing!! Start your own business!!". My wife and this work are the best things to ever happen to me.
I told you she is brilliant, right? 

If you are curious, check out Stacey's website, read her About page, bring tissues.


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