custom - your business, your way
Your Monthly Budget Plan
  • Whatever Service You Need
  • Fit Your Business
  • Fit Your Budget
  • Recommended for Most Businesses
Small Business Budget
Starts at $100/month
  • For New And Small Business
  • Marketing Plans for a Small Budget

Consult diy
One Time Fee
  • Social Media Audit
  • 1 Hour Video Conference Call x2
  • Reference Material 
  • Content Calendar & Ad Templates
ad campaign
One Setup Fee + Monthly Campaign Costs
  • Custom Sales Funnel w/ Landing Page
  • Targeted Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Lead Generation
  • Email List Building
  • The Most Powerful Lead Generation
full marketing strategy
One Time Setup Fee + Monthly Campaign Costs
  • Full Consult DIY Service
  • Full Ad Campaign Service
  • SEO Audit
  • Google Ranking
  • Organic Posts

Our Plans Explained

Custom - Your Business, Your Way

Every Business is different and has different needs. Your marketing strategy may require a few organic posts per month, some minor SEO tweaks and targeted ads to boost sales on Tuesdays, or something entirely different. On our call we will discuss your goals, find your strengths and weaknesses then map a plan that works with your business and your marketing budget. Our most recommended Service!

Small Business Budget

We have spoken to so many new/small businesses that simply don't have the cash flow for a robust Marketing Strategy and we have had to say "No. Sorry, but your budget doesn't cover the costs of what we provide...", so we decided to come up with a solution. And here it is, the Small Business Budget Plan. If you have $100 per month we CAN do something for you! Consider it like a Membership, one that will, over time, teach you the skills, improve your social media presence and turn your digital assets into Customer Acquisition Machines! 

Consult DIY

The Consult DIY is for you if you want to boost sales using Social Media, have a bit of time to do it yourself but lack the expertise to pull it off successfully. You could spend months trying to research this stuff, we will give you what you need on a silver platter! For a One Time Only Fee, you will get: 1) Social Media Audit. This is a deep dive into your current social media business page, a report is generated and improvements suggested with detailed instructions. 2) Two 1 hour Video Conference Calls. The first to preview your audit, answer questions and develop a strategy for the next 2 weeks. The second call is 2 weeks later and covers the past weeks progress, answer questions and develop a plan that you can implement moving forward. Included are all the Reference materials you will need and a super handy Content Calendar plus Ad Templates to make posting content a breeze. 

Ad Campaign

This awesome campaign is for one thing and one thing only! BRING IN MORE CUSTOMERS. To make this happen we build paid ads and, using Facebook's robust Ads Manager, target the exact audience you want, when you want and offer an irresistible deal to hook a guaranteed lead. When your potential customer clicks the ad they are brought to a sales page (like a mini website dedicated to one objective). On this page they are prompted to accept your amazing offer, fill in their name and email, then they are sent a digital coupon. We can even set it up so they will call you immediately, one click on the sales page, and book an appointment/reservation etc. The systems for these actions are on powerful platforms specifically designed to funnel your potential customer to a sale! The initial cost covers setting up the sales funnel, all creative (visuals, graphics, photos, video etc) copy writing, and ad creation. After that you only pay for the guaranteed leads and a small fee each subsequent new ad (varies with amount of changes required).
But Wait! There's more! All those emails we collect are added to a database, re targeted for future ad campaigns and can be used for direct email campaigns!

Full Marketing Strategy

The King of Marketing Campaigns! You want the 7 course meal with dessert! We pack in the Consult DIY, the awesome Ad Campaign and finish with an SEO Audit ~ is your website doing the job it needs to do? Google Ranking ~ strategically boost your search ranking so you are seen first when people look for your services, and finally Organic Posts ~ we help you grow your social media audience and reach more of your community!

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