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Benefits of graphics in your Social media

Huge Benefit 1

The power of visuals to grab attention and drive engagement is undeniable. Think about it, what type of content do you engage with in your own time?

Huge Benefit 2

Social media has always been visually-led and the rise of platforms like Instagram suggests the trend is continuing. It’s well-documented that posts across virtually all social networks perform better if they contain great imagery.

Huge Benefit 3

On social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook users can read headlines and captions, however graphics are also an important way to communicate visual messages. Using professional graphic designer can become a part of the creative content building process

Huge Benefit 4

Graphic design will always have a role to play with social media. It helps users boost relationships and improve the appearance of professionalism. Stay abreast of changes and consider using graphic design to help you stand out from the rest.

Examples of graphics we can make for your advertising

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Like most ads on other social media platforms, Facebook ads help. From acquiring new customers, to building better brand awareness, Facebook ads help many small businesses grow online today!

But that’s just the start of what Facebook ads help do for companies online.

Robust Analytics

Gain insight on things like clicks, conversions, and even sales. By seeing this data, you can adjust your ads based on what’s needed, instead of having to guess or finding out later on that your investment was for nothing.

Micro-Target Exact Audience

You can target based interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages. You can event target your competitors’ fans.

Find New Leads

Once you find your audience that converts the fastest, it’s possible to attract people who are just like them by using Facebook’s “lookalike audiences.”

The Cheapest Form of Advertising

You can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people. It does not make sense to spend more in radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience.

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video & photo graphics, job ads, tips & tricks to engage the audience, Youtube. page & website promotion.

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Ravenus Digital Media

Ravenus Digital Media

The new reality is that most of your customers choose where to spend their money through the internet, via Google search, clicking on paid ads, or through organic interest, you need to stand out from the crowd. We experts of the digital domain.

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Ravenus Digital Media
Top 5 Tips For Conversational MarketingConversational marketing is the idea of using social media and messaging platforms to create and maintain conversations.It’s a way to build close relationships with customers, partners, or prospects through conversation and dialogue.It’s not just about advertising your goods and services; it’s about adding value in conversations by providing tips, advice, stories, commentary on current events that might be relevant to the person you are communicating with.So take these five tips and don't forget - There isn't a thing like business to business or business to customer - It's always human-to-human!#conversationalmarketing #marketingadvice #startuplife #startup #marketingstrategy #engagementtips #contentmarketing #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneur #branding #digitalmarketer #marketinglife ... See MoreSee Less
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Why You Should Use Conversational MarketingWant to know the secret of how we create so many successful ads, and even, why you're reading this right now?It's our conversational marketing!Successful advertising is about getting people invested in your brand and company by talking to them like a real person.And if you can't talk, no one will listen.So that's why at we bring together all the tiny aspects to transform your business from a start-up into a fully-grown business venture!And let us tell you this - Conversational marketing is at the core of every strategy because human-to-human is the best approach with marketing!Do you use conversational marketing, and what is your experience? Comment below!#successfuladvertising #marketing #marketingfacts #digitalmarketing #growyourbusiness #googleads #moresales #creativeswareagency #onlineadvertising #brandawareness #advertisingagency #FirstImpression ... See MoreSee Less
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Throwback ThursdayApple has been making commercials for decades, and they are always at the forefront of technology.And well, Apple's 1984 Superbowl commercial is a perfect example of their creativity!Do you remember this one, and what is your favorite part about it? Comment below!#throwback #commercials #goals #businesses #advertisement #entrepreneur #entreprenuerlifestyle #mompreneur #networkmarketing #startup #entrepreneurship #wealth #womeninbusiness #girlboss #hustle #money ... See MoreSee Less
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How To Grow Your Email ListBuilding an email list is something that takes time.It might seem like a good idea at first, but the more you do it, the more you want to give up. But don't!Growing your email list can be easy if you have one of these seven tips in mind, AND it can be highly profitable in the long run.If you are unsure about growing your email list, contact us at and we'll get you started with a free strategy session!#emaillist #emailmarketing #emaillistbuilding #listbuilding #businessownership #OnlineWorld #mailinglists #newsletters #emailtemplate #emailcampaign #emailsuccess #emailmarketingtips ... See MoreSee Less
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