Social Media Campaigns

(the bane of small business owners)

“The growing importance of social media marketing among businesses is very clear. So, the question is no longer if you must use the social media tool in your marketing activities, but how to do it better. Business owners should pay attention to which social platforms help them reach their goals with relevant audiences, whether that’s generating sales or greater visibility.” Pavel Ciprian – from MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH JOURNAL

If all you are doing on your Social Media business page is running Promo Ads & organic posts, then you are doing it wrong. If, even worse, you hire an agency for $400+/month and they make pretty little organic posts for you a few times per week, you are wasting your money.

Social Media Marketing is the most affordable marketing in history! You can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people. It does not make sense to spend thousands in radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience.

What you get if it is done properly:

Robust Analytics - Gain insight on things like clicks, conversions, and even sales. By seeing this data, you can adjust your ads based on what’s needed, instead of having to guess or finding out later on that your investment was for nothing.

Micro-Target Exact Audience - You can target based interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages. You can event target your competitors’ fans.

Acquire new customers & build better brand awareness - Once you find your audience that converts the fastest, it’s possible to attract people who are just like them by using Facebook’s “lookalike audiences.”

Increasing your traffic: Using social media and linking it to your website will increase your traffic tremendously.

Promoting your products and services: This is ultimately why you invest in marketing, right?

And so much more. (this list could go on for pages!)

Social Media Marketing

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