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This promotion showcases the work we do for the Health, Beauty and Fitness industries. Stunning images, video and graphics come together to form a story any potential customer will want to watch.


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Food Service Industry

Restaurant marketing is essential now more than ever. Check this video out to see how we can help you.


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Interview Style Video

Promotional video created for Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Filmed, Produced and edited by Ravenus Digital.


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Youtube Video

Creating a Youtube channel can work with many industries. Engage and inform your audience.

Informational Video

A simple solution to a growing problem. What I am laying out for you here is an action plan with the goal of ensuring your business is ready for any natural disaster - starting now with Covid 19. Let's talk about protecting your business and by doing so protecting your community.


A quick look at Services provided at Ravenus Digital. Includes Facebook Ad Campaigns, Organic Social Media Posting, Email Campaigns and Website SEO.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaign example for a restaurant. This ad has copy written to stop the scroll, pictures to highlight product. Links bring the new customer to a landing page to gather info and provide a downloadable coupon.